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Meet Jillian

Jillian Bernas is a Schaumburg resident and Schaumburg Township District Library Trustee who is challenging incumbent State Rep. Michelle Mussman for the second time in recent years. She is determined to win this election and make District 56 and the State of Illinois a better place for families to live and work.



I’m running for office to bring independent leadership to Springfield. When I returned to my hometown of Schaumburg a few years ago, I realized it was not the same place I had left behind. Classmates, friends and family members I grew up with had left the state for better opportunities. My friends and neighbors had been fleeing Schaumburg and the state because of the bad policy choices made over the years in Springfield. I moved back home to raise my family here and have no intentions of leaving without first fighting for the reforms our state so urgently needs.


I will work to repeal the 32 percent income tax increase and propose reforms to balance the budget without raising taxes.

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Jobs and Economic Growth

I will promote pro-growth policies that help small and medium-sized employers grow their companies and provide more opportunities for workers in Illinois.

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Term Limits

I will prioritize the most vulnerable citizens instead of interest groups when working to balance the budget.

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