Bernas against mileage tax proposal to pay for state infrastructure repairs

by Vote Jillian | Sep. 20, 2018, 3:40pm

Republican candidate Jillian Rose Bernas said will oppose a mileage tax if she wins the 56th House district seat this November.

“I do not think that legislators have exhausted all their legislative options to help the state’s financial position before proposing tax hikes,” Bernas told North Cook News. “They have not addressed prevailing wage, they have not addressed future pension liabilities and they have not addressed other reforms to help grow the economy in Illinois.”

The issue arose after Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner accused his Democratic gubernatorial challenger J.B. Pritzker of backing a mileage tax. Although Pritzker denied having a mileage tax proposal, he did say he was open to any ideas for paying for Illinois infrastructure repairs, according to the Illinois News Network(INN).

“We’ve got to invest in infrastructure,” Pritzker was quoted in the INN article. ”So we’ve got to find ways to pay for an infrastructure bill because ten years without an infrastructure bill in this state, you all know, our roads and bridges and waterways are crumbling.”

A disciplined spending program is a better way to pay for infrastructure projects, Bernas said.

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