Bernas Pledges to Refuse Legislative Pension

by Vote Jillian | Sep. 18, 2018, 3:41pm

Schaumburg, IL - Jillian Bernas, an independent candidate for State Representative in House District 56, demonstrated her commitment to reform by pledging to refuse a legislative pension. 

 In stark contrast with her opponent’s actions, Jillian Bernas’ pledge shows she is serious about lowering the highest tax burden in the nation and reforming state government. The pledge was developed by the economic policy journal 

 “Leaders should be judged on their actions. I will not take a pension and will reform the system that is driving property taxes up and destroying home values,” Bernas said. “We deserve new, independent leaders in Springfield who will look out for our interests, not their own.”

Incumbent Michelle Mussman, who has been in office for eight years and taken over $800,000 from Speaker Madigan, is fully vested in the pension system and committed to protecting it. 

“My opponent Michelle Mussman has been in office eight years and is now fully vested in the General Assembly Retirement System. She will get a golden parachute pension while taxes continue to rise, home values continue to slide, and corruption continues to worsen. Who exactly has she been looking out for all these years? 

“Mussman has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Speaker Madigan and stands shoulder to shoulder with him to guarantee her own retirement. She has done nothing to ensure the security of the people in our community. Mussman voted for unbalanced budgets and against necessary structural reform over and over.”

“I will refuse a legislative pension because I will not benefit from a system that is hurting so many of the families and businesses in our community and across the state. I am going to Springfield to stand up for our neighbors, not enrich myself at their expense.”