Bernas blames state's poor business climate on political culture and tax burdens

by Vote Jillian | Sep. 12, 2018, 4:46pm

Illinois repeatedly has been ranked low in business friendliness and compatibility for small businesses, facts that Jillian Rose Bernas, Republican candidate for the 56th House District is committed to changing. 

"Small businesses are responsible for creating half of the jobs in our state; yet, lawmakers take advantage of small businesses," Bernas told North Cook News."Instead of applauding small businesses for their achievements, they treat them like piggy banks, turning them upside down to shake out every penny in taxes."

In a recent survey conducted by Thumbtack, an online services company, Illinois was given an F-rating for small business owners, according to the Illinois Policy Journal. 

Bernas' opponent, incumbent state Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) has failed to support small businesses, despite her claims otherwise, Bernas said.

"She goes to Springfield to destroy small business with her votes for tax hikes and legislation that cripples small business," Bernas said. "Make no mistake about it, she is not at the service of small business. In her mind, small businesses are there to serve her."

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