Bernas singles out career politicians as major issue in Springfield, points to Mautino, Mussman

by Vote Jillian | Aug. 21, 2018, 11:06am

Republican House candidate Jillian Rose Bernas points to the ongoing saga of Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino as a prime example of how Springfield has morphed in something it was never intended to be.

“The Frank Mautino story is a perfect example of the arrogance that Springfield breeds and the attitude of superiority common among members of (House Speaker Mike) Madigan’s inner circle that consider themselves untouchable,” Bernas told the North Cook News. “We will continue to see Springfield working against us if we continue to elect the same people. I am running against an entrenched politician to stand up to this arrogance in Springfield.”

Mautino’s now-defunct campaign committee from his time as state representative has come under scrutiny by the Illinois State Board of Elections over potential campaign finance violations. Mautino refused to meet with the board during the investigation. The board ultimately voted 4-4 down partisan lines whether to fine his campaign.

The board launched its probe after it was uncovered that his campaign committee wrote checks amassing $150,000 in the name of a bank and cashed them from the committee’s checking account. Few receipts were kept from any of the transactions and none of the unused cash from the expenditures was ever returned to the campaign.

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