Bernas calls out lawmakers for 'corrupt systems'

by Vote Jillian | Aug. 21, 2018, 10:44am

Republican House candidate Jillian Bernas blames what she sees as one of Springfield’s darkest periods squarely on the shoulders of state lawmakers.

“This is one of the things our state should not be proud of,” Bernas said during a recent appearance on the Illinois Rising Radio show. “Our leaders made this happen. They are creating systems that are corrupt while supporting their friends, making sure they get the benefits at the expense of the taxpayers.”

Bernas said lawmakers handling of the ongoing sexual harassment scandal now plaguing Springfield is another example of that. Currently, there’s great debate over whether lawmakers and government workers accused of harassment should still be eligible to receive full state pensions.

“We see Speaker (Mike) Madigan has done nothing to investigate these allegations,” said Bernas. “This behavior is allowed to permeate. It’s not fair to the good people of this state.”

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