Many legislators not doing any favors for small businesses, Bernas says

by Vote Jillian | May 8, 2018, 11:39am

Jillian Rose Bernas is convinced too many lawmakers in Springfield now view their appointment as a self-serving proposition.

“It seems in the state of Illinois that career politicians in Springfield are more interested in inflating their importance than doing what is right by small businesses that create two of every three new jobs,” Bernas told the North Cook News. “I speak with small businesses in my community and they are tired of politicians telling them they are going to help them through this program or the other. What they tell me they want is for government to get out of the way and stop picking between losers and winners through regulations and taxing.”

With the first week of May marking National Small Business Appreciation Week, Bernas, a Schaumburg Republican running against Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) in the 56th District, felt compelled to speak out on all the ways she thinks much of the legislation coming out of Springfield now serves as a disservice to small business owners.

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