Jillian Rose Bernas Running To Represent The Taxpayers And Families Of The 56th District

by Vote Jillian | Sep. 20, 2017, 11:52am

Schaumburg -- Jillian Rose Bernas has announced her candidacy for State Representative with a pledge to repeal the 32% tax increase, lower property taxes, and strengthen our communities by shrinking state government.

"Over the July 4th weekend establishment Democrats and Republicans hiked our taxes by 32% without lowering the high property taxes that are destroying our homes, or passing reforms," said Bernas. "We need a representative who will take on the political class regardless of party, not throw in with them."

Northwest Cook County taxpayers will now pay an additional $435 million in state income taxes because of the July 4th hike. 

Families in our communities will pay higher taxes, including Schaumburg ($687-$963 per taxpayer), Elk Grove Village ($704), Hanover Park ($490), Hoffman Estates ($615), and Roselle ($775).

Bernas, a Republican, is running to replace incumbent State Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg). Mussman, first elected in 2010 on the promise that she would take on the insiders, has little to show after seven years in office. 

Under Mussman's stewardship, Illinois families pay the highest property taxes in the nation, have the worst debt load, and face even more tax hikes on our income, soda taxes, and still higher property taxes.

Soon after arriving in Springfield, Mussman allied with infamous House Speaker Mike Madigan, voting for him to be Speaker four times. Madigan bankrolled Mussman's political aspirations to the tune of $869,088.

“I’m running for State Rep. to provide independent leadership for our communities. We need a legislator who will represent us, not one who is beholden to the political class,” said Bernas.

Jillian Rose Bernas lives in Schaumburg and is engaged to Angel Garcia. She is an international relations manager for a large medical association in Rolling Meadows. Jillian serves as a Schaumburg Township District Library Trustee, on the Township of Schaumburg Mental Health Committee, and as an ESL teacher at Church of the Holy Spirit.