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Jillian Rose Bernas, 56th District candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives, said measures on the November ballot to raise taxes in some locations are evidence politicians want to maintain the status quo.

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Jillian Bernas, an Illinois House of Representatives candidate in District 56, announced on social media that she would not accept a taxpayer-funded pension if elected.

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More choices for Illinois House

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Endorsement: The Daily Herald recommends Bernas over Mussman for Illinois House District 56

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After a recent poll showed more than half of Illinois residents wanted to leave the state over high taxes, state House candidate Jillian Bernas called on voters to enact change in Springfield.

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Republican House candidate Jillian Rose Bernas recently added her name to the growing list of candidates pledging to refuse a pension from the general assembly if elected.

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Republican candidate Jillian Rose Bernas said will oppose a mileage tax if she wins the 56th House district seat this November.

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“I will not benefit from a system that is hurting the families and businesses in our community.”

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Illinois repeatedly has been ranked low in business friendliness and compatibility for small businesses, facts that Jillian Rose Bernas, Republican candidate for the 56th House District is committed to changing.

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Jillian Rose Bernas said the fact that Illinois has the second highest property tax burden and combined tax burden in the nation is not something that happened overnight.

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Jillian Rose Bernas is warning voters to be leery of what she sees as House Speaker Mike Madigan’s latest ploy.

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“Victims should not have to wait that long for officials to act,” Bernas told the North Cook News. Bernas suggests a lack of accountability at the top played a role as well.

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Jillian Rose Bernas, the Republican candidate for state House District 56, believes issues surrounding the state’s property taxes are out of control.

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Jillian Rose Bernas points to school districts cushioning the pension of retiring educators while the state operated without a balanced budget as an example of Springfield’s deterioration.

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“We will continue to see Springfield working against us if we continue to elect the same people. I am running against an entrenched politician to stand up to this arrogance in Springfield.”

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Jillian Rose Bernas sums up last year’s 32 percent permanent income tax hike as part of the new state budget as a disaster.

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"Don't be fooled by my opponent who says it is a tax on the rich," Jillian Rose Bernas, who is locked in a rematch with Rep Mussman. "She is in favor of taxing everyone."

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Republican House candidate Jillian Bernas blames what she sees as one of Springfield’s darkest periods squarely on the shoulders of state lawmakers.