We in Illinois pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, have the worst debt load, and after the 32 percent tax hike passed over the summer, families in our communities will pay even higher taxes. Schaumburg will pay $687 to $963, Elk Grove will pay $704, Hanover Park will pay $490, Hoffman Estates will pay $615 and Roselle will pay $775. In order to reduce the tax burden on families, I will work to repeal the 32 percent income tax increase while proposing reforms that balance the budget instead of doing this on the backs of taxpayers.

Jobs and Economic Growth
Our small and medium-sized companies account for about 50 percent of the jobs in our state. I will work to promote pro-growth policies and policy reforms that help small and medium-sized employers grow their companies and in turn provide more opportunities for workers in Illinois.

Term Limits
There are entrenched career politicians in our state who are motivated by self-interest instead of setting good policy to serve the families. I will introduce reforms that limit career politicians that profit off of the system.

Property Tax
The property assessment system in Cook County is unfair and favors the wealthy over middle class families. Mike Madigan and Joe Berrios are the politicians that prop up this system and people like my opponent Michelle Mussman do nothing about it. When I am in Springfield I will support a 1% property tax cap and reforms to make the system fair and affordable for homeowners and prevent Cook County officials from taking advantage of middle class families.

Independent Leadership
Incumbent State Rep. Michelle Mussman was first elected in 2010 on the promise that she would take on the Springfield insiders, however she has little to show after seven years in office. Soon after arriving in Springfield, Mussman allied herself with the infamous House Speaker Mike Madigan, voting for him to be Speaker four times. Madigan bankrolled Mussman’s political aspirations to the tune of $869,088. I’m running for state representative to provide independent leadership for our communities. We need a legislator who will represent us, not one who is beholden to the political class.